Children's Hospital Survivorship, 2019
We had the great pleasure of working with Lauri when Lending Hearts collaborated with the Oncology Survivorship group at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh for an integrative nutrition lunch and learn program.
Lauri developed and delivered an excellent and engaging conversation.  With her lesson, she provided a cooking demo and samples for all to try.  It truly showed that what she teaches can easily be brought into the anyone’s home with ease.  We were also most thankful that Lauri coordinated our entire lunch menu so that it reiterated her teachings.  Lauri is a wonderful teacher!
Thank you,
Diagnosed with ovarian cancer, I was gifted Lauri Lang's services by my son, as he wanted me to have the best nutritional advice available.  He was not mistaken!   I needed to gain some weight, and she not only devised an eating plan based on my preferences, but met me at Whole Foods and shopped with me, advising me on what foods should be organic and which foods need not; she came to my house and showed my husband and I how to prepare some of the foods we had bought, bringing with her a most delicious pesto a friend of hers made. I gained the weight I needed, eating healthy, cancer combating foods. I referred one of my best friends to her who had double bypass surgery, and Lauri devised a totally different protocol for her, as she needed to lose weight and eat appropriately for her heart condition, and she did well too.
Lauri connected me with the Integrative Oncology Program at Hillman Cancer Center which was a wonderful referral for me, and kept in contact with me over my six months of treatment.  Even today, two years later, we keep in touch, and if I have a question, she competently answers it for me. Her expertise is supported by her positive, energetic, warm personality.  She is truly a wonderful person to partner with on one's road to recovery!
Marcia; Shaler TownshipLauri Lang has been helping me for almost 3 years, and she has made wonderful changes in my life.  Her guidance has improved my yoga practice. Her deep knowledge of nutrition has had a wonderful influence on my diet.  She interprets the results of my blood tests, and implements changes to my diet that will benefit me. Her understanding of body chemistry is so profound that a lot of the time I have no idea what she’s talking about, but I trust her completely to make changes in recipes to improve my health.  This process has included shopping and cooking experimentation to find therapeutic foods that please my palate as well as impacting my wellness! AND she helped me quit smoking!  Lauri is intelligent, deeply caring, nurturing, and compassionate.  She gives of herself unsparingly, and with sensitivity. Just taking a walk with her is uplifting.
Amy F.
I have been Lauri’s client for over ten years. Lauri is amazing. Her depth of knowledge about how to maintain health and prevent disease through diet and supplements exceeds what I have come to expect from other dieticians. If we ever manage to come up with a situation that she hasn’t worked with before, Lauri is always happy to do research.
She has helped my family through many health concerns…anemia, cancer, high cholesterol, and auto-immune diseases, just to name a few. Lauri has reviewed my medical tests to determine where my body isn’t performing well, and then helps me to customize my diet and supplements to meet my individual needs.
I am impressed with her ability to find holistic and healthy ways to help my body heal and to reduce the chances of future problems. Over the years she has helped me to take more and more steps towards better eating. She has taught me what to look for when I shop by shopping with me and has taught me how to cook these therapeutic foods by cooking with me.  She knows how to make healthy foods taste delicious, rather than just plain healthy.
Under Lauri’s direction, I have managed to make permanent changes in my lifestyle and I feel healthier than ever. Lauri is warm and nurturing and has an enthusiastic energy. I trust her expertise and I trust her heart.
Cindy Lange

I can say, without hesitation, that if I had not met Lauri when I did, I would not be here today.  Aside from the vast knowledge base, her ability to connect the dots pertaining to my specific situation was quite impressive.  It has been a wonderful privilege to have crossed paths with her.  It is a beautiful experience, every time I see her.
Christopher S. Hayward

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