Registered Dietician Nutritionist Lauri Lang Pittsburgh Pgh

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


Enhanced Health results in Enhanced Well Being.
I strive to Educate, Empower and Encourage individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes, rather than dieting and employing short term measures.

In these uncertain, paradigm-shifting times, the necessity to take care of ourselves in more optimal ways is clear. To boost our immune systems, to elevate our physical and mental health status is necessary to be grounded, to be of service to others, and to make it through this crisis, with an awareness of silver linings.
I invite you to engage in an accountability partnership with me to move closer to becoming your most resilient self across the board, with enhanced, intentional, lifestyle practices! Please see my background, testimonials, anti-inflammatory video, for a slice of the impact and improvement people report when working with me.
Please choose a Package to start on this Journey:
Silver: One month package with 4 hours of consultation geared to clarifying your goals, *lab value interpretation, customized collaborative plan development for Nutrition and Supplement regimen, with fine tuning and support to establish or enhance other lifestyle practices including physical activity, yoga and meditation.
Investment: $495
Gold: Three month package with 12 hours of consultative support, reinforcement and encouragement to establish goals and practices, as in Silver plan, adding a deeper dive into details and overcoming barriers, with the addition of actual/virtual grocery store tour, cooking together, and yoga and meditation practices tailored to your needs and preferences.
Investment: $1,295
Platinum with MRT: Elements included in Gold plan (Three months, 13 hours) plus implementation of your customized Immunocalm Food Plan, incorporating results from your MRT test ( based on your unique biochemistry.
Investment: $1,395 plus $400 for MRT test.
Gift Card: The Ultimate gift of holistic health practice support and implementation. You can gift this to others, use for yourself, it has no expiration date, and can be used for Nutrition consultation, developing your practice in Yoga, Meditation. We can co-create grounding and coping strategies including Reiki, JourneyDance (development of custom playlists and movements)
Investment: Customized
Hourly Consultation: All services described above are available tailored to your individual needs.
Investment: $135/hour
Invest in the ultimate Investment, You!
If you want to discuss any of the packages above further, please contact me at 412-327-3979 or fill out my contact form. Also payments and donations accepted via PayPal at:
I look forward to making our plan soon!
* This includes explanation of values, and cause and effect association between lifestyle practices and results. While these results can vary widely based on many factors, I have worked with scores of people on changing to individually tailored versions of anti-inflammatory, disease fighting eating plans and supplement regimens that have improved lipids, hsCRP (measure of inflammation in the body) and other biometric measures. In many cases shocking their doctors with the measurable magnitude of the impact!