Lauri Lang, RDN, LDN
Registered and Licensed Dietician Nutritionist

Registered Dietician Nutritionist Lauri Lang Pittsburgh

Lauri Lang, RDN, LDN is a registered and licensed dietitian nutritionist with a holistic philosophy and personalized custom focus. In 1995 while in the midst of life and career changes, her two best friends were diagnosed with cancer. Lauri felt the pull to help, and was directed to do this through therapeutic nutrition. She attended the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in Clinical Dietetics and Nutrition, the start of the journey which has led to her customized concierge practice of nutrition and wellness counseling.

Lauri’s areas of specialty include: nutrition and lifestyle strategies to quell inflammation, women’s health, men’s health, autoimmune condition recommendations, cancer prevention and support for treatment and survivor-ship, improving cardio-metabolic conditions and function, anti-aging/increase vitality, lifestyle change support for improvement of mental health and cognition, exploration and support in healing one’s relationship with food, yoga and meditation, tobacco cessation support as well as international speaking for wellness and community events.

Lauri’s personal and professional evolution, and/mind/body/spirit wellness journey, is continuously fired in the crucible of work, life, and service. Lauri’s clinical expertise is an agent of change in the lives of her clients. If you decide to seek nutrition counseling with Lauri, you can expect, contagious enthusiasm, and to be motivated with her desire to inspire, empower, and assist you in making health impacting change. Nutrition counseling will focus on the development of new practices and rituals which are scientifically proven to enhance overall physical health, mindfulness, serenity, by integrating balance into your daily life. Using techniques that are customized to your individual needs, Lauri will utilize her 20 years of experience to assist you on your own exploratory journey to discover your best relationship with overall nutrition and wellness practices which are customized to fit your lifestyle.

Lauri spent many years educating the public through customized corporate wellness programming which she developed, designed, and implemented on location nationally for organizations such as (BNY) Mellon and Equitable Resources. In addition to live programming, she created and developed most content and was featured in a 7 part web-based wellness program that was launched internationally for (BNY) Mellon, which won an IABC award (International Association for Business Communications). She has also been featured during therapeutic cooking demonstrations both on and off the air. Lauri has been a provider for UPMC’s Hillman Integrative Oncology and Wellness program, furnishing private mentorship to incorporate ‘Food as Medicine’ habits into the lives of many cancer patients. In her private practice since 1999, her work has spanned the spectrum of condition prevention, management, support and improvement, and includes clinical fill-ins in, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and cardiac rehab.

Her passion for showing people how to easily bring new practices that enhance quality of life, and add more health enhancing yumminess, has been even further cemented through her own personal path to wellness. Lauri completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification through Kripalu in 2016, she holds a Journey Dance Facilitator certification. Additionally, she went through Reiki Training and attunement in 2017. She sites Reiki as a space that she has mindfully created for her own well-being and to bring another facet of whole health to her practice.

Lauri is involved with service work regularly to share education and support to populations with limited access. These have recently included Gateway’s holistic recovery pilot IOP program, and Three Rivers Free Clinic.

In her free time, Lauri embraces the joy of social connection with precious friends and family, enjoys music, singing, dancing (as spectator and participant!) theater, travel and experiencing other cultures, nature, animals. Lauri practices rich and bountiful self care routines and rituals including: yoga, meditation and breathwork, other forms of movement and exercise, mindfulness, and a Food as Medicine, therapeutic, rainbow colored delicious diet, the majority of the time!

For an appointment with Lauri Lang, RDN, LDN please call 412-327-3979.

Additional Licenses & Certifications

Usui Shiki Ryoho, Reiki
Journey Dance
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health