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Is it time for you to take greater responsibility for your health,
evaluate your lifestyle habits, and… Enhance your Well-Being?

Educate… Encourage... Empower… Yourself!

Follow Through on Your Intentions!
I can share a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of Wellness Topics.  These are examples of the areas that we can explore together!

Wellness Topics

Understand the Impact of your Numbers
Analyze your full lipid profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, TG’s, ratio) blood pressure, fasting glucose.Learn to interpret your health statistics. In addition to understanding what foods and behaviors to avoid in order to facilitate improvement and avoid disease, learn to include those that can have amazing therapeutic benefits!


Heart Healthy Choices

Understand Fats: MUFA, PUFA, SFA, TFA (trans fatty acids), Omega-3
Are you confused over the alphabet soup listed here, as well as changing and conflicting recommendations? Learn the chemical differences in these fats, their actions in our bodies, and natural and synthetic sources that impact our health positively and negatively.


Nutrition and Chronic Disease

Abundant research reveals that lifestyle choices have a far greater impact on our risk factors than genetic predisposition. Learn how to tip the scales in your favor and ditch your victim mentality based on what “runs in the family”. This includes general recommendations for optimal nutritional intake.


Strategies for Boosting your Immune System

Understand some of the mechanisms of this elegant system, and how various foods, lifestyle habits and thought patterns can boost that action positively, or sabotage it.


Understanding and Reducing Inflammation

What’s an “itis”? And what is subclinical inflammation? And how do these impact our general health and well-being, and what can we do to reduce the negative effects?


Slowing Down the Aging Process

Who doesn’t want to feel the wisdom and confidence of lessons learned over more years on this earth without looking like a sage???? Tune in for some lifestyle tips that can make your chronological age look and feel less than your biography reveals.


Eating on the Run

Is your lack of planning for business travel, and even vacations derailing your personal wellness objectives? Learn how stay fit even when you’re away from home and out of your regular routine. This includes tips for portable, nutritious snacks to pack, and best airport and restaurant choices.


Supplementation: Vitamins, Minerals, and other Nutrients
Although never a substitute for healthy nutrition, exercise and positive ways of thinking, in our toxic world, high quality, appropriate supplements can help protect us from environmental hazards, reduce some disease risk, enhance well-being and energy, and even mitigate the side effects of some drugs, if you must take them.


Cancer Awareness and Prevention (Includes Understanding Free Radicals and Antioxidants)

You have probably heard about “antioxidants” and “free radicals”, but what do these really mean and what are their ramifications on our disease risk and aging process? Also, learn what foods have “magical” nutrients that protect us, what products and practices we should avoid, and what preventive care we should receive for reduced risk and early detection.


Tobacco Cessation

It’s common knowledge that if you smoke or use any form of tobacco, the highest priority lifestyle change to undertake to improve your health is to stop. Customized programming, from one general informational session, to a series of four facilitated support sessions plus individual interviews for participants, can be tailored to your organization’s needs.


Women’s Health

Women’s nutritional needs across the continuum of our life cycle (child bearing years, PMS, pregnancy, lactation, Peri-menopause, menopause, beyond…) vary greatly, and impact our health, well-being and ability to cope with the passage of time. Learn some strategies to smooth your current roller coaster ride…


Label Reading

Be a nutrition detective! Learn what to look for in terms of nutrients we want (protein, fiber, calcium, other vitamins and minerals) and those that should be eliminated or limited (trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, .....saturated fat, sodium). I recommend trying to eliminate the former and limit the latter. Better understand the value of organic foods, and explanation of benefits of eating locally, the “dirty dozen”, become better educated on prioritizing to minimize contaminants on a budget.


Food Demonstrations Incorporated by Topic

These simple demos, which are customized based on topic, have proven successful and compelling to all groups! Even those who are not actively seeking to improve their lifestyle habits right now can passively learn some helpful and motivating facts, as well as tasting nutritious, rainbow colored foods. It is often an event that precipitates change. For those already more on the path of improvement, it is an invaluable, tactile experience!