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Mellon Employees:  In response to the question:  “What did you like best about the workshop?”


Lauri was great! She was friendly and nice. She spoke to everyone like she was on our level, she didn’t talk above anyone. She used many examples in regard to everyday life.


I had such a wonderful experience; I would attend any classes Lauri Lang taught!


She was very knowledgeable and excited for people to make changes in their diet and lifestyle. Very motivating! Great attitude and  so energetic.


Lauri wanted everyone to make changes to improve their lifestyle. She also had great demonstrations with the salmon salad.


Lauri! She is a very dynamic speaker. She presents the information, relates to personal experience and does not preach.


Lauri is very knowledgeable, fun, interesting and a pleasure to listen to.

Mellon Manager


Lauri is an excellent speaker. She is extremely knowledgeable, engaging and motivating. She kept our employees coming back every day for a three-day lunch-and-learn series – not an easy task in our demanding work environment.

Unsolicited Notes from GNC Employees to their Manager


Just a note to let you know what a delight Lauri Lang has been in our lives. She has made us so aware about what is going on in our bodies and how to be aware of what we are “fueling” our body with-hopefully after these sessions we will put the right “fuel” in and continue to do so. I wish she could be here for at least another week to keep us motivated into “good healthy habits”. I have already learned a lot that I did not know and have already tried to follow some of the information. Thanks for having Lauri here-she is a real joy and very professional and knowledgeable. She has a nice way of presenting this program.


I want to thank you for putting together this wonderful program for us! I have found this very informative and practical. Lauri has done a GREAT  job with the presentations she has given to us.


Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed Lauri Lang’s class. See what strings you can pull to have her around for another week. I believe we all got something out of it. This was very informative. Much better than having a health fair. Use your charms. Thank whomever again.

Randy from Equitable, February 21, 2008


You will truly be missed and I am sure that I am speaking for everyone when I say that what you have taught us was very valuable and one cannot put a price on that kind of education. I personally have tried to incorporate the things that you have shared with me into my daily life…still trying…as well as sharing the benefit of my gained knowledge with my family. We are trying to live and eat healthier.

Carla M. Davis, Senior Administrative Assistant, Equitable Gas Company, March 7, 2008


Back in 2002 when I first met Lauri, I was an overweight smoker who was content to be that way. I went to her first health seminar in search of the free pedometer that I knew I wouldn’t use. Not knowing what to expect, I have to say that I got much more.


Over the last 5 years Lauri became, for me and my co-workers, a source of knowledge about health matters. She not only taught us about the benefits of healthy living, but showed us through example how easy it was to incorporate better choices in our everyday lives. She became a “personal health expert” to me and a lot of other employees who were in search of answers and encouraged us based on our individual needs.


On a personal note, I feel as though she opened some doors to healthier living that were closed to me. I had never tried salmon before meeting her. I was uninterested in raw veggies and didn’t see the importance of cholesterol levels, mental health, taking vitamins…I decided to quit smoking last year and she was an invaluable source of encouragement for me, and I know of others who have benefited from her personal touch.


I consider her not only to be an expert in the field of nutrition and personal fitness, but also a friend. We miss her expertise, enthusiasm and encouragement dearly.


P.S. I have upgraded my pedometer and use it daily!

David J. Smith, Director, Compensation and Benefits, Equitable Resources, Inc.


Lauri Lang provided wellness programming and services for Equitable Resources for four and a half years. She presented custom wellness programming to address numerous topics based on our company’s health risk assessment findings and areas identified by our health care provider. Her topics included presentations on: Understanding Your Health Statistics, Nutrition, Dieting, Tobacco Cessation, Cancer Awareness and Prevention and Stress Management. Her presentations were both entertaining and educational. She carried our wellness program message to twenty of our locations in four states. Her flexibility allowed everyone to participate in this company benefit regardless of their location.


Lauri is very knowledgeable on a variety of wellness topics and projects high, positive energy, professionalism and accessibility. We were pleased to have Lauri coordinate and present our wellness program and thank her for her many contributions.

Mike King, July 13, 2003


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know what is going on. Since I last saw you 6-25-03, I have lost an additional 29 pounds bringing me up to 90 pounds in about 45 days. I can never say thank you enough for your guidance and recipes and help in getting this weight off. I will continue to update you on my progress. If you can do for others what you have done for me you should have no problem! I feel great…better than I have in years. Thanks again!!!


(*These results are not typical.)

Learn About Healthy Food from Lauri Lang
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Learn About Healthy Food from Lauri Lang
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